Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy Summer Paid Off

It seems my busy summer paid off!  I have sold all but one of the horseshoe cable neck warmers except for the gray one.  I’ve sold the circular shawl with a turquoise & green boucle (Vitalgo Malta) a couple of hats and scarves (one from some really yummy Italian yarn (thank you Roberta!) too and a special order kippah – one with a tree in the middle with “Coming First” and  “Golani Shali” written on it for a soldier in the Golani brigade, a headband and a lady plastic bag holder.

I made (and sold) a child’s hat with one of the Bratz on it as and a newborn beret special orders.  Still need to make the matching mittens for the beret.  I need to deliver a leafy beret special order – hoping we can connect soon so she can still make good use of it in this freezing weather.

I busy finishing up a horseshoe scarf – he wants it extra long, a lacey shawl and a hat for a wedding present.  I want to make more spring items so I have more things to offer and a conference I’m going to in April and have a table there.

I’m going finish up here before there is more thunder – want to shut down my computer.

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  1. Love your stuff, Michal. Put it on my facebook.