Thursday, May 6, 2010

They're Off To New York

Today I delivered a black neck warmer and a light-weight black and white moebius scarf to a friend to take with her on her trip to New York next week.  Both of these were ordered by a friend of mine in New York.   I hope she will enjoy them and get lots of use out of them.

I'm doing the handles of the market bag and will be finished with it shortly.  This is the second one a neighbor has ordered.  He is using the first one and wants to have a second paperless grocery bag.  Slowly Israelis are becoming "green".  There awareness was brought her by the Americans and other English speakers, then the Russians and those of other countries jump on the ban wagon.  It's been a hard concept for the Israelis to embrace.  Why should someone make money off of us putting the plastic bottles in the recycling bin instead of the garbage?

I finished the gold drop-stitch shawl.  Looking at it, it seems a bit small, but the yarn is very stretchy and look how long this rectangular shawl is.  The yarn has fine little "hairs" on parts of the yarn and other parts of the yarn are without the "hairs".  It's very soft and a nice dressy wrap for spring and cooler summer nights.

I have also finished a Long Cozy Moebius Scarf.  This moebius can be worn totally open with a pin or hat pin holding in closed in from like a wrap.  You can twist it once and wrap it around your neck for a loose fitting scarf.  Or, for more of a neck warmer, you twist and wrap it around your neck twice and whala!  a nice cozy neck warmer.  It's a 3-in-1 moebius.

I am also about one-third of the way on another spring shawl.  I'm using a light-weight turquoise and green varigated yarn.  This is an interesting circular wrap.


  1. Just this minute opened up my "STUFF"! I absolutely LOVE THEM! You really do BEAUTIFUL WORK! They are GORGEOUS!!!!!! I am going to really enjoy using them!!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!