Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Vacation for These Hands

I whipped up a blue houndstooth baby hat for Elichai David after seeing a couple houndstooth hats my mom had made.  I like the look, so I asked her for the pattern.  I also got another patter from mom - it makes a very soft and thicker appearance to a rib hat and scarf.  I've finished up the hat and I'm working on the matching scarf.

Mom and I always share patterns.from her - it's a unique cable neckwarmer that's knitted in a thick yarn.  I made a steel blue neckwarmer using this new cable pattern. 

Sunday I started on one of my favorite neckwarmer/scarf patterns - the moebius.  It has a special look - it has a twist in the front that I make while I'm knitting.  Last night I finished the two-toned blue moebius neckwarmer/scarf.  In this particualr moebius, there is nice ripple/wave pattern.


  1. Wow you are busy, good for you, they are great.

  2. I love the blue hat. Please make one for Sahar just like it.