Friday, November 20, 2009

Keeping Busy in California

Had a quick trip to Jo-Ann's.  Felt like I was part of a game show having 30 minutes to get as much as I could - running around the store like a chicken with it's head cutoff, not knowing where anything was in the store!

Should have bought more of the purple material - I really like it, especially seeeing the finished hat.  I made a "puffy" beret with a bow on the side for Yehudit yesterday.  It's totally lined and has plenty of room to stuff lots of hair inside it.

I also finally finished the knit bag I started some time ago.  I love the pattern, but it's not a quick knit.  Tomorrow morning I'll be going with mom to a local yarn shop and we'll stay there to knit and visit with the owner of the shop and possibly another woman for a few hours.  I'll see if anyone knows the type of stitch used in an ancient kippah I have a photo of.  Someone asked me if could re-create it.  Up 'til now I haven't liked the way it looks - the stitch isn't quite the same.

1 comment:

  1. I am interested in seeing a picture one day of the ancient kippah. The knit bag came out really nice.
    The hat looks nice and comfy.
    I heard snoods are coming back into style.
    Enjoy the yarn shop.