Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back at Home

I've returned from California and getting settled again.  I'm re-arranging my work area.  Before I left California, I made a matching baby hat for the peach sweater I finished there.

I made a ripple moebius scarf / neckwarmer my last week in California.    I really love this pattern!  So did my mom and her friends.  I gave a quick moebius lesson and the local knit shop.  It's a neat little knit shop in Banning, California - the Knitting Nook.  Women are always dropping in to sit and knit with the owner.  She has some really yummy yarns there!

I also made a child's hat and started a matching scarf.  While I was there I also did a bit of quilting.  I still need to add borders, and the backing before I can finish those up.  I need to check my stash and see if I have enough material here for the borders or if I need to get some material for the borders.  On the plane I started on a purple hat.


  1. It's an adorable blog! Very well done! Meanwhile, I like the moebius scarf and neckwarmer! In the future, I would like to surprise my daughter with a quilt! So far, I do I go about ordering something! I'm very proud of deserve alot of credit! One more question-do we get to choose colors?! Just tell me the BEST way to work this all out! Love, G

  2. Just tell me what you want and what color. Let me know if you want it in washable wool or acrylic and if it's something with a size, let me know the size.

    At this point I'm doing things by order. In the future, I'll have things ready-made so that people can buy what they see or for an extra fee, they can give me a custom order.