Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crochet Hook - A Deadly Weapon!

I packed black thread and small crochet hook (1.25mm) so I could work on Zvi's kippah while I was waiting for my flight.  After waiting a half an hour in El Al's security line, I was told I couldn't take my crochet hook with me on the plane.  It's considered a deadly weapon! I quickly opened up my large suitcase and put the crochet hook inside in the inner side zippered pocket so it wouldn't be confiscated.

After arriving in California Thursday morning, my parents took me to brunch.  Afterwards got settled at their house and got to work on the kippah I really wanted to do while waiting at Ben Gurion.  It wasn't the fastest i've ever crocheted, it was after all, black and very hard to work with.  I finished the kippah Friday afternoon.

I think this is the last order for black that I'll accept.


  1. What a nice blog, I love the duck hat! If you would like we can post your blog on the Livyah web-site.
    Enjoy your vacation,

  2. It fits great! Please make me another one in white for Shabbat.

    Thanks, Zvi