Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Variety is the Spice of Life or Just Bored

I've done it again - I have my hands full, thankfully, with many projects and orders for plastic bag holders and market bags.  I have just heard from my supplier of sock yarn, so I need to decide on the color for my mom and baby daughter order.  I need to get final go-ahead on  the order for matching mom and baby (girl) socks from grandma now that I can give her a price - sock yarn is more expensive, but worth the extra to make sure it keeps its shape.

Finishing Simcha's vest is a priority.  I'm up to the arm hole and V-neck shapings.  Black  is one color that requires lots of patience.  I hope I won't have a problem figuring out what row I stopped on so I can continue the pattern without it getting messed up.  Let's hope I left myself a note as to where to start up again!

I've got one Market Bag finished and another one started.  I need to get more cotton yarn for the third one I have on order.  I only need to sew the eyes on the "Ducky Hat", but I need to make the matching "booties."

I've made a a baby kippah with his name and ducks on it for an old teacher's grandson.  I've got a good start on another kippah ordered that will also have a name on it.

I actually like the kippah I made for my best friend's grandson Sahar - it's knitted, not crocheted, so it took longer, but it's special and all white and won't slide off his little head!  I was up until 3:00am finishing it up so it would be ready for the brit.  I gave the kippah to daddy at the brit and hoped that they might have put in on Sahar for the brit.  Daddy seemed to appreciate it - he was very gracious and thanked me for the kippah.  I sure hope his mamma likes the special kippah I made for her little bundle of joy.

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