Sunday, October 11, 2009

How It All Started

It is such a great feeling knowing I can use what I learned from my mom and turn it into a successful business, while doing what I enjoy. I first learned to knit and sew when I was 10 years old. Later I learned to crochet and quilt, also from mom.  

I always liked knitting, sewing, crocheting and quilting, but it has brought so much to my life since I've been living in Israel.  I started teaching about 9 years ago.  I love to see my students happy and succeeding with their projects.

I'm truly blessed to have been given this lousy luck of being unemployed so much that I have been able to make money from what relaxes me and that I love.  Thanks ma for giving this enjoyment and the skills I have to enable me to have a successful business selling my hand-made items.



  1. when are you going to open your website? do you still make dogie sweaters? and when are you going to post another blog? anxiously, waiting

  2. Wow, what a bracha! And what beautiful craftsmanship.

    Good luck with your new business!!

  3. looking to order:(3)green t-shirts(human and canine),(6)green linen cloth napkins and(1)matching tablecloth and (6)bedsheets to match. also need a good logo to be graphically designed.

  4. no problem. first i'll design the logo and then do the t-shirts and then the rest. are you sure you want "linen" cloth napkins or any nice cloth?