Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tsfat’s Klezmer Festival 2012



Tsfat’s Klezmer Festival was Aug 20-21.  I knitting during the day on Monday and didn’t realize it was the first night of Klezmer. I stayed home Monday night and finished up Sahar’s scarf. Sahar asked me to make him a scarf when I was babysitting him.  He even asked me to make his blue.entering-into-the-festivities

Tuesday and Wednesday night I went to town with my best friend.  Had a really nice time. I loved the music last night – they did a bit of jazz and reggae. The group was made up of 3 yeshiva students and one of their teachers.  The singer wrote al the songs.

There was a wide variety of performances throughout the city. This year I didn’t hop around from place to place. This year was the 25th Annual Klezmer Festival. Every night there was a fireworks show.


This year I didn’t stay to the last bus.  I got back up to my neighborhood around midnight both nights, but Tuesday I visited with a friend at her place until 1am.  I’ve got to get back on schedule so I can get up early in the morning again.

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