Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Cast-On

Cast-On has come and gone.  Haifa (the northern contingent) of Team Falafel had their “Cast-On” party.  Really wish it didn’t fall on Shabbat would have loved to have been there!  Well, I was there in spirit. I toast you all now. The cake sure looks yummy! Since I slept most of the day (due to being a hot fast day and I really want to drink), I was up searching for something to watch while I did my cast-on and knitted my first lace-weight shawl.  Thanks to all the repeats on our cable here, I was actually able to see one of the many repeats of the Opening Ceremony.

I used two needles to cast-on to so make sure the stitches would be loose for stretching during blocking.  Thank goodness I used the short-tail cast-on since I needed to cast-on 249 stitches! The bottom tier was no problem.  I found my watching the Opening Ceremony took away from my correct counting, but only noticed it two rows later.  I ended up just including an extra pattern (each side of the middle) in the repeat of the middle tier. I sure hope these extra repeats won’t cause me to be short yarn!   
Only time will tell. Time for some sleep.

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